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Periodic maintenance of vertical injection molding machine

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Under normal circumstances, the regular maintenance of the vertical injection molding machine equipment is once a year, and the time is often arranged in the days before the holidays or during the holidays. The equipment management personnel participate in the guidance work, and the equipment maintenance workers and operators to cooperate in work. The main contents of the regular maintenance of the equipment are as follows:

A: Sweep and scrub the oil stains on each part of the vertical injection molding machine and the dust in the electric control box.

B: Disassemble the gearbox, bearing gland, check the quality of the lubricating oil and the amount of metal powder in the oil, clean and change the oil if necessary.

C: Check the wear of various transmission parts. Gears with more serious wear should be surveyed and mapped, and they should be replaced in the next maintenance.

D: Check the wear of the belt in the V-belt drive, and adjust the tightness of the V-belt installation. The V-belt with serious wear should be replaced.

E: Check the abrasion of the barrel and screw. For mildly scratched and abraded rough surfaces, use oilstone or fine gauze to grind and smooth the surface. Record the actual size of the barrel and screw working surface.

F: Record the model specifications, bearing models and specifications of the more severely worn V-belts. After the maintenance work, remove the damaged parts ordering plan and prepare to replace it during the next maintenance.

G: Check and calibrate the heating temperature of the barrel (measured by a mercury thermometer) and check the temperature displayed by the meter to ensure the correct operation of the extrusion process temperature.

H: Adjust and test each safety alarm device to verify the reliability and accuracy of its work.

I: Test, check whether various pipelines (water, gas and lubricating oil) are unblocked, and repair leaks and blocked parts.

J: Check and adjust the position of the electric heating device, cooling fan and safety cover to ensure that they can work effectively and normally.

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