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Notes for maintenance of injection molding machine

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The repair of the injection molding machine must be repaired by a professional. If it is a non-professional or without the permission of a professional maintenance person, it is not allowed to disassemble the mold for repair.

In addition, if minor faults occur in the production process, the adjuster can solve it according to the situation. For example, the glue button and the mold should be knocked out at the feed port with a copper needle, and steel needles and other hard objects should not be used to knock the mold.

There are slight mold marks in the cavity. The polishing material can be selected according to the finish of the cavity. Polishing materials such as sandpaper cannot be used on the textured surface. Generally, a copper brush dipped in diamond paste or diamond mortar is used to scrub, and it is done by professional maintenance personnel.

The product sticks to the mold. Generally, the product and the ejection part are wrapped with hot plastic and ejected after cooling. If you burn it with fire, you need to be careful not to damage the mold surface.

When professional personnel repair the mold, they cannot change the mold structure at will, and the change of the structure needs to be approved by the quality engineering department.

To ensure the quality of maintenance, select the appropriate equipment, materials, tools and methods to solve the problem, and complete it as quickly as possible.

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