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Main characteristics of Silicone Rubber injection molding machine

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The Silicone Rubber injection molding machine has a movable three-cylinder balanced vertical injection molding structure, more stable injection force, lower equipment height, free hanging injection device, automatic plunger alignment and barrel centering, reduced wear.

And advanced The design concept of the use of advanced injection methods, the use of fixed cylinder type three-cylinder balanced injection in line with the development direction of rubber machines, precision, stability and safety.

The best rubber automatic cleaning function, the injection cylinder is fixed during injection, the natural back pressure is low, the injection table lifting stroke is large, the injection closed-loop control, the proportional digital back pressure, the remote control function, the variable plunger pump with high efficiency and low energy consumption, real-time printing Production data function, silicone rubber special plasticization, injection unit with the best exhaust, conveying, plasticization and other functions of the plasticization screw completely open feeding device, lack of material alarm function.

Main features:

1. LSR materials are suitable for use in high or low temperature environments. When the temperature is as high as 200 degrees Celsius or minus 40 degrees Celsius, the insulation properties, mechanical properties and physical properties of the materials remain unchanged.

2. It is resistant to gasification and aging, so it is suitable for outdoor applications.

3. Excellent insulation, suitable for high-quality or high-tech electronic plugs.

4. It can be sterilized and is suitable for medical supplies and baby supplies.

5. Oil resistance, can be used in oil mining industry.

Silicone Rubber injection molding Machine


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