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Looking for injection molding equipment?

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Looking for injection molding equipment? DongGuan Min-Hui got you covered with our products, engineering, and experience of 20 years.

We are DongGuan Min-Hui, a team of Chinese talents who got together to provide a great solution for the industry needs. We are very detailed about every process, but we also never stop innovating new technologies and find new things.

 Min-Hui are happy to share with you a bit of our knowledge and give you a glimpse into the future… The world of plastic injection!

In the world of plastic injection, there are many brands of equipment. When it comes to plastic, there are some ways to maximize production:

  • casting

  • compression molding

  • extrusion

  • fabrication

  • foaming

  • injection molding

  • thermoforming

At Min-Hui, we are specialized in using injection molding as the main manufacturing process to make plastic products alive.


Now, we will show you how we design plastic parts for injection molding to save our customers time and money in the long run.


What is injection molding?

Injection molding is to put molten plastic into a metal mold. The mold consists of two halves, the “A” side and “B” side. After the material has solidified, we can put them out. 


What should we be careful with when designing for injection molding?

Draft Angles

Draft angles allow us to move plastic from the mold. With draft angles, the part would provide significant resistance during removal. Draft angles should be present on the inside and the outside of the part.



An undercut is an item that prevents the removal of half of the mold. The undercut can appear almost anywhere in the design. These are unacceptable, even worse than the lack of draft angle on the part. However, certain undercuts are necessary and/or unavoidable. In those cases, the necessary undercuts must be created by sliding/moving the part in the mold.


Making undercuts could be costly when producing the mold and should stay at a minimum.

Solid vs Shell

When the plastic cools in the mold, it also shrinks, which is a common feature of most materials.

Making the component a shell instead of a solid helps reduce shrinkage or warpage that occurs during cooling. It also helps to reduce the cost of the materials that need to be used in the part. There are many ways to package design, an example is shown in the example below.


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