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  • The advantages and disadvantages of silicone injection molding machine


    硅胶制品成型是一种,适用于热塑性的生产硅胶制品的加工过程,将挤出或者注射成型所得的管坯放置于模具当中,在管坯中通入压缩空气将其吹胀,使得其紧贴于模腔壁上。硅胶制品注塑成型工艺影响产品的精度:在生产某些尺寸要求比较精确的重要注塑件时,每个件的尺寸允许波动的范围非常的小,甚至要求只有一两丝的波动量。在生产过程中,通常影响注塑件尺寸精度的主要因素,是注塑件的收缩率,收缩率越大,精度就越差,因此,由于PP料和POM料注塑件的收缩率都很大,它们的注塑件精度通常都比较差就是因为这个原因。而其它材料的收缩率通常也不是很小,所以注塑件的尺寸精度在一般常规的注塑条件下都不是很高。其实可以通过调机来减小注塑件的收 Read More

  • High - speed injection molding machine extrusion too little reason


    Why is the extrusion volume of the high-speed injection molding machine too small? Some customers often report to us that the extrusion volume of the high-speed extrusion injection molding machine will gradually decrease after a period of time, mainly due to the following reasons:1. The first reason Read More

  • Characteristics of vertical injection molding machine


    What are the product characteristics and characteristics of the vertical injection molding machine? The vertical injection molding machine is controlled by a microcomputer. The power system is driven by oil pressure. The plastic is heated by an electric heating ring in the barrel and sheared by the Read More

  • How to eliminate the noise of injection molding machine?


    With the development of the plastics industry, the use of injection molding machines is increasing. However, the noise of injection molding machines has always been one of the concerns of many manufacturers and users. So how to eliminate the noise of injection molding machines? Now let the MH inject Read More

  • Safe operation of vertical injection molding machine


    Everyone knows that a vertical injection molding machine is a kind of machine that shapes plastics. It can process and shape plastics. It is a very common machine in plastics processing. However, the vertical injection molding machine needs to be operated in strict accordance with the safety operati Read More

  • Notes after the use of LSR liquid silicone machine


    After using the liquid silicone machine, it is easy to cause mechanical failure due to improper operation. In order to prevent chain mechanical failures, today the manufacturer of MH liquid silicone machine has listed the following points for attention. Customers are welcome to discuss and make prog Read More

  • Main characteristics of Silicone Rubber injection molding machine


    The silicone injection molding machine has a movable three-cylinder balanced vertical injection molding structure, more stable injection force, lower equipment height, free hanging injection device, automatic plunger alignment and barrel centering, reduced wear, and advanced The design concept of th Read More

  • Notes for maintenance of injection molding machine


    The repair of the injection molding machine must be repaired by a professional. If it is a non-professional or without the permission of a professional maintenance person, it is not allowed to disassemble the mold for repair.In addition, if minor faults occur in the production process, the adjuster Read More

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