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  • Category of rubber injection molding machine


    The silicone injection molding machine is a solid silicone rubber injection machine series product. Based on the traditional model, each detail is optimized according to the processing characteristics of the silicone rubber product. There are two types of vertical and angle type models. Among them, Read More

  • What are the characteristics of a vertical injection molding machine?


    What are the product characteristics and features of the vertical injection molding machine? The vertical injection molding machine is controlled by microcomputer. The power system uses oil pressure transmission. The plastic is heated in the material tube by an electric heating ring and the material Read More

  • How does a vertical injection molding machine operate?


    How does a vertical injection molding machine operate? The operation process of the vertical injection molding machine has always been a problem that everyone needs to find. In fact, the operation of the vertical injection molding machine is very simple. After learning these details, it can be Read More

  • Best injection molding machines


    If you already have a hydraulic IMM (injection molding machine), it will be easier to understand.Here are some observations you may have made about molding in your current setup:1. The machine consumes a lot of fuel.2. Oil spills (slight) are very common ... And it is standard in almost all IMMs. Read More

  • How much does an injection moulding machine cost?


    The bigger, the more expensive. The small ones around one hundred tons of clamping force are more affordable. If you can buy a car, you can buy a IMM machine.Around one thousand tons, you have one fot the price of a really comfortable house, at least in my country.I am not going to give here any exa Read More

  • What are vertical injection molding machines?


    What are vertical injection molding machines? Vertical injection molding machine is a kind of mechanical equipment. It usually consists of injection system, clamping system, hydraulic drive system, electrical control system, lubrication system, heating and cooling system, safety monitoring system, e Read More

  • Injection molding machine supplier


    Plastic injection molding presses are classified or rated based on tonnage, or more the clamping pressure or force. Presses can run in size from less than 5 tons of clamping pressure to over 4000. The higher the press ton rating, the larger the machine.A machine rated for 68 tons can deliver 68 to Read More

  • desktop plastic injection molding machine


    The machine is micro and improved one compared with traditional injection molding machine. it’s small and easy to be moved, it’s suitable for the production of small sample for academic usage or DIY . The product includes mold clamping part, sol injection part, body, heating systems, control systems Read More

  • Three steps to teach you to debug vertical injection molding machine


    1. Confirm and prepare setting parameters before parameter setting of vertical injection molding machine (1) Confirm that the material of the vertical injection molding machine is dry, the mold temperature and the temperature of the heating cylinder are correctly set and reach the processable state Read More

  • Disc vertical injection molding machinethe best choice for small and medium-sized accessories


    At present, the plastics market is very popular, providing a lot of directions for those who want to start a business, but at the same time, the high cost of the previous period has made many people can only hope. The reason why many people feel that the cost of the injection molding industry is hig Read More

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